Claus Karthe

CEO Asia

Annika Pierson

CEO The Americas

Matthias Notz

CEO Global, CEO Europe

Our Story

German Entrepreneurship
Start2  Group

Established 16 years ago in Munich, German Entrepreneurship has evolved into an international group of companies that drive innovation and support startups on 4 continents on their journey to success.

Under the new Start2 umbrella and brand, Start2 Group GmbH in Germany, Start2 Group, Inc. in the United States and Start2 Group Pte Ltd. in Asia are operating seamlessly to provide a wide range of programs, services, market know how, mentors and experts.

The impetus for this transformation stems from our dynamic growth and widespread presence across 18 countries. This evolution from German Entrepreneurship to Start2 Group signifies our commitment as a leading international organization within the startup ecosystem. Our new name mirrors our dedication to supporting startups globally and fostering partnerships with international public and private organizations that share our mission.

Recognizing the pivotal role startups play in our economy, we view them as the foundational elements of technological and industrial progress. Our mission is to guide them through their journey, instilling confidence, courage, and knowledge, enabling them to flourish both locally and globally.

Success stories such as Flixbus, Celonis and many others, are woven into our history. Many participants in our programs have ascended to become highly successful companies in key markets in the US, Europe and Asia.

Start2 Group isn’t just a reliable ally for startups; it is also a trusted partner for corporations, universities, investors, and public organizations. We maintain longstanding relationships with government entities globally, including the German Ministry for Economics and Climate Action and Enterprise Singapore. We have been driving government-funded programs such as German Accelerator for more than 12 years.

Our Group

Headquarters on 4 continents – Start2 Group is a Global Startup Player.


Start2 Group GmbH, headquartered in Munich, spearheads the German Startup Ecosystem. Its state-of-the-art main offices are situated in Munich, with additional offices in Düsseldorf and Berlin. We provide comprehensive support to participating startups at these locations, including access to free office space.


Start2 Group, Inc., takes charge of all program activities and events across the Americas. With offices in five key U.S. locations – New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Miami, and Boulder – and our first Latin American hub in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have solidified a significant presence in major innovation hubs. This extensive network ensures unparalleled access and opportunities for our startup and corporate clients, fostering an environment that propels them towards success in some of the most attractive markets in the world.


Start2 Group Pte Ltd., based in Singapore, is serving as the gateway to the Asian continent for our startups. It manages all activities in the thriving Asian markets. With offices strategically located in Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Manila, South Korea, and India, Start2 Group boasts a robust presence in Asia for startups and the entire innovation ecosystem, including the support for public organizations.

Our Mission

From innovation to global expansion, Start2 Group is your dedicated partner on the journey to success.

At any part of the journey, from initial stages to aiming for extensive global reach, Start2 guides startups to the world’s most crucial innovation hubs – from the heart of Europe to the vibrant landscapes of the U.S., Asia, Latin America, and the UAE.

With our programs startups can progress at any stage of their success journey: from getting investor-ready to scaling on a global basis, they gain significant advantages and acceleration though our tailored programs and unique investor and partner relationships. By making our extensive international network of over 1000 experts and mentors available to them we can provide tailor-made know how and expertise in all key markets to startups and corporate clients alike.

Throughout the entire startup journey, we facilitate connections with influential partners, potential customers, strategic investors, and venture capitalists. Start2 is committed to being the catalyst for startups at every stage, empowering them to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Start2 Group also actively drives Corporate Innovation and has earned the trust of over 80 DAX-listed enterprises and as well as many other multi-national corporations. Leveraging our unique international startup experience and track record, Start2 Group has successfully guided more than 500 corporate innovation projects, ranging from innovation coaching to corporate accelerators.

Our Team

Management Team

Matthias Notz startup
Matthias Notz

CEO Global, CEO Europe

Annika Pierson startup
Annika Pierson

CEO The Americas

Claus Karthe startup
Claus Karthe

CEO Asia

Daniela Dasch startup
Daniela Dasch

COO Europe

Marius startup
Marius Rosenberg

CPO Europe

Christian Jorg startup
Christian Jorg

COO The Americas

Our Team in Europe

Kristin Eckert startup
Kristin Eckert
Thomas Mack startup
Thomas Mack
Jan Alpmann1 startup
Jan Alpmann
Corinna Martin1 startup
Corinna Martin
Stefan Beerhalter1 startup
Stefan Beerhalter
Silvia Taschner startup
Silvia Taschner
Michaela Kuwer startup
Michaela Kuwer
Till Ammelburg startup
Till Ammelburg
Andre Seidel
André Seidel
David Kasipovic startup
David Kasipovic
Andreas Keilhacker startup
Andreas Keilhacker
Claudia Kropf startup
Claudia Kropf
Sabine Wiesmueller startup
Sabine Wiesmüller
Andreas Brunner1 startup
Andreas Brunner
Anna Keup startup
Anna Keup
Lena Esseln startup
Lena Esseln
Ben Sternberg1 startup
Ben Sternberg
Jana Schroder startup
Jana Schröder
Corey Wright startup
Corey Wright
Marina Plietsch 1 startup
Marina Plietsch
Christopher Smolka1 startup
Christopher Smolka
Jonas Fahl JPG bearbeitet startup
Jonas Fahl
JuanCarlosHomedes startup
Juan Carlos Homedes
Alina Zukic 1 startup
Alina Zukic
Divotsna startup
Xia Wei La1 startup
Xia Wei La
Alexandra Gerstmeier startup
Alexandra Gerstmeier
Stephan Mey
Stephan Mey
Eleni Vordos startup
Eleni Vordos
Max Fuhrmann1 startup
Max Fuhrmann
Sonali Mueller startup
Sonali Müller
Lilian Fischer startup
Lilian Fischer
Delayne Kerscher
Delayne Kerscher
Natalie Sennes startup
Natalie Sennes
Chiara Canavesi startup
Chiara Canavesi
Sophia Hoffmann startup
Sophia Hoffmann
Yany Muhammad Knittel startup
Yany Muhammad-Knittel
Eva Maria Nitz
Eva Maria Nitz
Julia Betz startup
Julia Betz
Dennis Elflein startup
Dennis Elflein
David Hajizadeh
David Hajizadeh
Daniel startup
Daniel Böckenförde
Andreas Just startup
Andreas Just
Khashayar Ansari
Luca Ferrara program manager startup
Luca Ferrara

Our Team in Asia

Mabel Fu startup
Mabel Fu
Roman Azanza startup
Roman Azanza
Alex Odajima startup
Alex Odajima
Marta Allina startup
Marta Allina
U sa Phalakornkitti startup
U-sa Phalakornkitti
Eileen Wong startup
Eileen Wong
Jit Singh startup
Jit Singh
Rotem Inbar startup
Rotem Inbar
Shivi Jain startup
Shivi Jain
Janice Chan startup
Janice Chan
May Ingco startup
May Ingco
Deline Low
Linda Nguyen Schindler startup
Linda Nguyen Schindler
Harie Naarayanan startup
Harie Naarayanan
Jacklyn Mondon startup
Jacklyn Mondon
Wilson Lee startup
Wilson Lee
Martin Gothe startup
Martin Gothe
Yao Tang startup
Yao Tang
Sreelakshmi Ajith startup
Sreelakshmi Ajith
Akhil madav startup
Akhil Madav
Esther Chan startup
Esther Chan
Jessica Miao 600 startup
Jessica Miao
Malcom Lee 1 startup
Malcolm Lee
Wayne Lee startup
Wayne Lee
Chiharu Onishi startup
Chiharu Onishi
Diana Lim startup
Diana Lim
Gerald Chia startup
Gerald Chia
Ji Hyun startup
Ji-hyun Park

Our Team in the Americas

Marc Filermann startup
Marc Filerman
Kiran Cartolari1 startup
Kiran Cartolari
Raphael Zeller
Marie Klemme Lacus1 startup
Marie Klemme-Lacus
Maurice Lee startup
Maurice Lee
Katrina Marsters1 startup
Katrina Marsters
Hedi Razavi startup
Hedi Razavi
Yuki Olbrich1 startup
Yuki Olbrich
Kelly Lindberg startup
Kelly Lindberg
Melinda Wong startup
Melinda Wong
Zabrina Rue Zussman startup
Zabrina Rue-Zusman
Christina Schannath startup
Christina Schannath
Paula Machado