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Our Cashwalk Premium Partners

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Our Cashwalk Jury Members

Top Investors, VCs, Industry Experts and Entrepreneurs.

Barbod Namini HV Capital Partner startup
Barbod Namini

HV Capital

bernhard gold startup
Bernhard Gold

Fiege Logistics

Carla Schell startup
Carla Schell

Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund

gregor unger startup
Gregor Unger

Caesar Ventures Management GmbH

ion hauer startup
Ion Hauer

APEX Ventures GmbH

Jessica Lieber startup
Jessica Lieber

10x Founders

Johannis Hatt startup
Johannis Hatt

JVH Ventures GmbH

Lorenzo De Angeli startup
Lorenzo De Angeli

Matterwave Ventures

Martha Smets startup
Martha Smets

Life Science Valley Wachstumsfonds

Mascha bonk startup
Mascha Bonk

Ananda Impact Ventures

matthias wolf startup
Matthias Wolf

Bayern Kapital GmbH

Mattias Buchinger Bayern Kapital startup
Matthias Buchinger

Bayern Kapital GmbH

Paul Kurz startup
Paul Kurz

YZR Capital GmbH

Philipp Rehsmann startup
Philipp Rehsmann

Alstin II GmbH

Philippe Klitzing
Philippe Klitzing


Alexander Birk

coparion GmbH & Co. KG

square Laura Bonomini startup
Laura Bonomini

Wayra Germany GmbH

StephanRauscher startup
Stephan Rauscher


David Fischer Jury startup
David Fischer

HV Capital

Philippe Klitzing
Philippe Klitzing


Sophie Ahrens Gruber Jury startup
Sophie Ahrens-Gruber

Acton Capital

Julian von Fischer Jury startup
Julian von Fischer

42 CAP

Johannis Hatt Jury startup
Johannis Hatt

JVH Ventures

Gregor Unger jury startup
Gregor Unger


Tilmann Petersen jury startup
Tilmann Petersen


Katja Ruhnke jury startup
Katja Ruhnke

CK Impact Capital

Christian Meidl jury startup
Christian Meidl


Matthias Wolf jury startup
Matthias Wolf

Bayern Kapital

Johannes Dierkes jury startup
Johannes Dierkes


Ion Hauer startup
Ion Hauer

Apex Ventures

Julian Klaiber jury startup
Julian Klaiber

GET Fund

Marc Werner jury startup
Marc Werner

Wessel Management

Matthias Buchinger jury startup
Matthias Buchinger

Bayern Kapital

Helena Turck jury startup
Helena Turck

Plug and Play

Dörte Hirschberg
Dörte Hirschberg

Climentum Capital

Christian Schad startup
Christian Schad

Planet A

Maximilian Zoller
Maximilian Zoller

HV Capital

Luis Sperr
Luis Sperr

Kopa Ventures

Gabriele Poteliunaite startup
Gabrielė Poteliūnaitė


Isabelle Thierfelder
Isabelle Thierfelder


David An
David An 

Dracoon Ventures

Martin Möllmann
Martin Möllmann


Johanna Junkermann
Johanna Junkermann


Jean Pascal Duvieusart startup
Jean-Pascal Duvieusart


Pauline Paeschke startup
Pauline Paeschke

Seven Accelerator

Lucas Merle
Lucas Merle


Jonas Sommer startup
Jonas Sommer


Kevin Heidrich
Kevin Heidrich


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