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Enter the most promising markets and access the gateways to innovation. Execute your market strategy. Start2goglobal will give you the know-how and expertise to successfully enter Europe, the U.S., Asia and other key markets. With the support of our mentors and local experts you will be able to gain traction quickly. With a clear plan […]


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Develop your go to market strategy and define your best business areas for entering your new international market. Start2accelerate equips startups with the best tools to get ready for their expansion in key international markets. It helps them to localize their products and services and supports them to find the perfect value propositions and business models. […]


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Gain a deeper understanding of target markets and their business culture. Assess your product market fit and build initial connections with local clients, investors and partners. Validate and adjust your business model for your most promising target markets. Our unique network of international experts will provide first-hand market insights and will guide your startup towards […]